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Save Time & Money for Your Cable Service Company

with our Equipment Recovery Services

Stop losing money on outstanding cable equipment and past due customer accounts. At PFG Cable Services we specialize in cable equipment recovery and offer customized field collection services for major cable companies. Our field technicians provide professional collection of equipment as well as disconnect services, and ensure you receive payment on past due accounts. As a third party field disconnect service provider, our field agents visit your current and past customers and complete the disconnect process to save you time and money. Count on our experts at PFG Cable Services to provide you with a customized professional equipment recovery solution.

 Cable Equipment Recovery Solutions for:

Comcast™ |  Cox Cable™ | Time Warner™ 

New Wave™ | 

Ensure all your equipment is recovered in a prompt and professional manner with customized cable equipment recovery solutions

 by PFG Cable Services

Our team of professionals retrieves your company's cable boxes from customers no longer using your services. We simply receive your current and past due data, create a list of outstanding equipment that has yet to be returned, and set up appointments to collect from past due accounts. We also offer skip trace service on accounts for equipment that has gone missing with customers who are out of touch. Our professional team of field collectors then work hard to retrieve your equipment to ensure your business recovers assets and past due amounts.


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